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How it works...

How it works...

I knew that title would grab you :-)

No... this is not THAT how it works... this is about how the podcast works.

Some of you may be curious about how we put it all together, the tools we use and about our process. For you, I've written this article which will explain some of the more technical aspects of the podcast production tools and processes.

I've written a longer article which explains, in detail the technical elements we use to produce the podcast. Maybe you're considering producing your own podcast - this article will help you understand how this podcast works.

The podcast is a labor of love. Lee and I have been working hard to assemble and streamline the processes around production. We've also been implementing tools and technology to improve the efficiency and quality of the episodes.

I truly hope listeners appreciate and benefit from the messages carried by our guests. These tools, however come at a cost and while the goal of this project is NOT to make money, I have had to evaluate how I can continue to fund the project as it continues to grow.

To that end, I've created a few methods that will enable listeners to donate. I hope these are not viewed in poor taste. Obviously, donations are NOT the goal - and are completely optional. Any funds donated will ONLY be used to defray the costs associated with producing the podcast.


This link will enable you to provide a one-time donation.


Patreon is a membership platform that offers subscriptions. We're working on creating tiers of content offerings that I hope you'll find compelling for the moment we have several levels of general support.

This link will enable you to subscribe as a member at various levels.

Thank you for your support and for the inspiration of your presence as listeners and members of the recovery community.

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