Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Recording an episode of a podcast is a lot like attending a meeting using Zoom but we prefer to use a recording platform that runs in your computer's browser.

Prior to the recording, you'll receive a calendar invitation with a link to the recording software something like

We create a custom link for each recording for each guest.

When it's time to record, you simply click the link, and the system will ask for your name, and for permission to record using your computer's microphone. Michael and Lee will be in the same recording room and you'll see our video images... much like a meeting over zoom.

Do you record video as part of the show?

No. We have considered with the idea - and we'd like to incorporate this if there's interest on the part of the guest. Those episodes would go on our YouTube channel - but we haven't done that to date. If you're interested, let Michael and Lee know.

Do I need to have a fancy microphone or expensive equipment?

The most important piece of hardware is headphones, headset, ear/air buds. These isolate Michael's and Lee's voice from yours while we record. You don't have to have a fancy microphone - we can use your computer's microphone for sure.

How do I get on the show as a guest?

So glad you asked! It starts by filling out this form. The program is not part of AA - but we feature members of the recovery community working some form of program that can be shared with the recovery community to provide inspiration. We don't discriminate - but the best episodes are those that feature individuals with a compelling story about the steps they took to achieve continual sobriety, one day at a time.

Does someone make money on the podcast? Do you profit?

No. The hosting, equipment, and software costs are paid by Michael and Lee. It's a labor of love and service and we do not profit, or use this as a vehicle to make money. Any donations are gratefully accepted and applied to offset the rising costs of production (which far outweigh any donations we've received to date.) If anyone wants to see a detailed accounting of costs and donations, we will gladly make this available upon request.

Is the Daily Reflection Podcast an AA meeting?

No. We are not part of AA, nor do we wish to promote AA. We remain anonymous and we honor the traditions of AA but we are definitely not affiliated with any particular program of recovery.

How do I get in touch with Michael and/or Lee?

The best way is through email or on twitter.

Where can I hear previous episodes of the DRP?