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Del Martinez (Leesburg, VA)

10 years of 24 and 7
Numbers meaning little
Except for 24
That completes the riddle

Everyday I start again
With God’s almighty strength
Every night I crawl back in
The day lived to it’s length

Some days are like
Heavens playground
Full and strong and bright
Others they are like a tar pit
Engulfing all in sight

The toughest days
I’ve found to be
The ones so nondescript
The days of mediocrity
Bland and lifeless shit

The days when lessons learned
Are fully in repose
The days when foolish arrogance
Looks down it’s stupid nose

That’s the day to watch for it
That sneaky little one
The one who says oh you’re alright
It couldn’t hurt, just one

So live it strong
Live it loud
Shame it has no place

If you want Sobriety
Surrender and find Grace


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